Press Materials

a bow of gratitude

The Mindful Motherhood book and educational program was the product of many, many contributions. This page is a bow of gratitude to each of them. Many of the people who contributed or advised on this book are doing their own wonderful work in the world, and wherever possible I've included links to their creative and healing ventures.

Warm appreciation to my colleague John Astin, who collaborated with me on the Mindful Motherhood Project and who has influenced me tremendously with his clear sight and warm heart.

Deep gratitude to Jnana Gowan, who developed the Mindful Motherhood Yoga Series and partnered with me to facilitate the Mindful Motherhood Program as it was developed.

More thanks to Joanne LeCocq, who did the wonderful illustrations for the yoga series.

First, thanks to Jean Doyle and Mary Gregory of the Bella Vista Foundation, who funded the development of and research on the Mindful Motherhood Program and the creation of this book and the accompanying website. Deep thanks also to Virginia Hubble, Julie Diamond, and everyone at the Mental Insight Foundation, who also generously contributed to this work.


Heartfelt thanks to Catharine Sutker, Jess Beebe, Carole Honeychurch, Amy Shoup, Matt McKay, and everyone at New Harbinger, and to Matthew Gilbert at Noetic Books, who all helped to shepherd this book to completion.

Thanks to Suze Allen at Manuscript Mentor, who provided additional editing.

Thanks to all the people who worked on the Mindful Motherhood Project, including Amy Beddoe, Lisa Bialy, Raymond Buscemi, Mary Costello, Sharifa Karen Krongold, Sue Louiseau, Liz Miller, Daniel Rechtstaffen, Jessica Welborn, and Vicky Willey.


Thanks to Kelly Durkin for designing and building the website.

More gratitude to Warren Browner and California Pacific Medical Center’s Research Institute, and the Institute of Noetic Sciences, both of which supported and hosted this project.


And finally, thanks to people who advised, consulted, or provided inspiration for the Mindful Motherhood Project, including Nancy Bardacke, Sylvia Boorstein, Sona Dimidjian, Elissa Epel, Rick Hanson, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Dacher Keltner, Kari Marble, Gayle Peterson, Ricki Pollycove, Marilyn Schlitz, Zindel Segal, and Phil Shaver.